Proximal Lock FAQ’s


How long do I let adhesive set? At least one (1) hour, but we suggest overnight


Does Silicone come with the Proximal Lock when I order it?  Yes, the Silicone Adhesive comes with the Lock and is enough adhesive for two (2) liner attachment applications. So, if the patient wants a second liner with attachment, you will only need to purchase the Extra Strap Kit (CD116XS).  You should have enough adhesive that came with the lock.

Is there any other adhesive I can use? NO – Only use Silicone adhesive (Coyote Part# CD116SA)


What material do you recommend for a check/test socket? Co-Poly, Vivak or MPE


What liners do you recommend for the Proximal Lock?

The liner MUST be fabric backed for good adhesion AND it is best if the liner only stretches HORIZONTALLY – The really stretchy liners offer very little stability for the lock and result in excessive pistoning and liner breakdown.


What are the Billing L-Codes for the Proximal Lock?

The Proximal Lock bills the same as a distal pin lock system – L5671.  By gluing the lock to the liner, it turns a cushion liner into a locking liner L5673.


Please note:  The billing codes listed should not be construed as a guarantee for coverage or payment.  Ultimate responsibility for the coding of products/services rests with the individual practitioner.


Why did the liner attachment delaminate? Delamination of a liner fabrication happens when the fabric doesn’t hold up well or the strap is being pulled way too hard, or both.

Do I need to use the reinforcement strip/pad with the Proximal Lock? No, the reinforcement strip/pad is optional, but will help add strength and create less friction between the strap and the liner attachment when donning/doffing.


Where do I place reinforcement strip?  The Replacement Strip is placed on the outside of the liner attachment – it is not attached to the liner.


Is the Proximal Lock water resistant and is there any maintenance when used in water? Yes. We recommend rinsing the lock and components when used in salt water, chlorine or an environment with dirt, sand, grit.


Can a Proximal Lock be Retrofit? No, it is built into socket


Can I remove and reset the blue liner attachment if needed? Maybe, you can try by using Acetone to remove and clean the area on the liner – DO NOT scuff liner!


Can I purchase just the blue liner attachment, what is the part number?

CD116LA Liner Attachment no Silicone Adhesive

CD116SA Silicone Adhesive (if needed, order more to attach additional liner attachments)




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