Low Profile Summit Lock FAQ’s:


How long do I let adhesive set? At least one (1) hour, but we suggest overnight


Is there any other adhesive I can use? We recommend Coyote QUIK Glue or any Five (5) minute epoxy – DO NOT USE SILICONE BASED ADHESIVE.


What material do you recommend for a check/test socket? Co-Poly, Vivak or MPE


Is the Low Profile Summit lock water resistant and is there any maintenance when used in water?  Yes. We recommend rinsing the lock and components when used in salt water, chlorine or an environment with dirt, sand, grit.


What liners do you recommend for your Low Profile Summit lock?  MUST be fabric backed for good adhesion


What are the Billing L-Codes for the Low Profile Lock? The Low Profile Lock bills the same as a distal pin lock system – L5671.  By gluing the lock to the liner, it turns a cushion liner into a locking liner L5673.


Please note: The billing codes listed should not be construed as a guarantee for coverage or payment.  Ultimate responsibility for the coding of products/services rests with the individual practitioner.


Can the Low Profile Summit Lock be retro fit? NO. If needed, to identify placement for the Low Profile Summit Lock, you can use a Summit Lock to find the correct placement on a test socket and move it if necessary.  Then on a laminated definitive socket you can use the Low Profile Summit Lock to reduce build height of the lock.




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