Coyote Design's Lanyard Puck. This is a simple, lightweight, ultra low build height lanyard lock that helps with prosthetic pistoning. Like other Coyote Design prosthetic locks it has multiple connector options for fabrication of a lower extremity prosthetic. This lanyard is segmented making easy lenth adjustments. They work well for simple visual donning and doffing and have 1K to 4K activity levals.

CD120  |  Lanyard Plastic Puck

65 grams

CD121  |  Lanyard Metal Puck

110 grams

Integrated 4 hole connector


CD121D  |  Lanyard Aluminum Dummy

Distal end of metal puck

CD120L  |  Lanyard & low profile screw

24 inch strapping (puck not included)

Coyote Quik Glue

50cc and 220cc cartridges

Dispenser or plunger required;

include 1 mix tip.

CD115CF5 | 5 Degree AK Connector

Capable of up to 1.5” of Offset with 5 degrees of flexion angle.


Billing Information

Recommended Codes


L5671   Addition to lower extremity, Below Knee/Above Knee suspension locking mechanism (shuttle, lanyard or equal), excludes socket insert.


The listing of codes with our products should not be construed as a guarantee for coverage or payment.

Ultimate responsibility for the coding of services/products rests with the individual practitioner.


Instruction Video - Coyote Design's Lanyard Plastic Puck Copoly Test Socket

Instruction Video - Coyote Design's Lanyard Plastic Puck Vivak Test Socket.

Fabrication for Locking Lanyard Pin and 5 Degree Connector.

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