Easy-Off Lock FAQ’s


What material do you recommend for a check/test socket? Co-Poly, Vivak (In house fitting only), or MPE


Is the Easy-Off Lock water resistant and is there any maintenance when used in water? Yes. We recommend rinsing the lock and components when used in salt water, chlorine or an environment with dirt, sand, grit. *NOTE- A prosthetist may need to remove the lock mechanism and blow out the lock housing with an air hose.


What liners do you recommend for the Easy-Off Lock? Any liner that accepts a 10mm pin (6mm pins are also available).  Fabric or Non-Fabric Backed liners both work well


What are the Billing L-Codes for the Easy-Off Lock? L5671, *L5647, and *L5652

Please note:  The billing codes listed should not be construed as a guarantee for coverage or payment.  Ultimate responsibility for the coding of products/services rests with the individual practitioner. *L5647 and L5652 are not recommended for billing Medicare.


Which pins do I use with the Easy-Off Lock? For the Easy-Off Lock: 8 Click Pins: CD103P8 or CD103P8H (solid brass)


For the DEEP Easy –Off Lock:  11 Click Pins CD103P11 or CD103P11H (solid brass) *Note: 11-click pins should ONLY be used with the Deep Air Lock; Parts are available to modify locks in existing sockets if the pin is bottoming out in the lock. To modify lock you will need the Guide Pin (CD103GPN) and Pin Cap (CD103PC) and Coyote QUIK Glue.


NOTE: Loctite Blue 242 must be used on lock pin threads after determining the appropriate lock pin spacing.

How many pin “clicks” should I hear when donning and walking?  2-3 when donning and 7-8 when fully set and ambulating.


Can I replace just the lever assembly on the Easy-Off Lock? Yes, this part number is CD117LP and is known as the lock plate assembly. It is all one piece with the lock tooth, springs, and comes with four (4) replacement screws.


Is the Suction Lock the same as the Easy-Off Lock? No, the Easy-Off Lock replaced the Suction Lock – We no longer offer the Suction Lock or its parts/pins.


Can I put a patient over 350lbs in an Easy-Off Lock? Yes, our locks are rated and tested to 350lbs, however, the strength is in the lamination and our locks can be used on patients well over 350lbs.



Do I need a suspension sleeve with a Coyote Lock? A suspension sleeve can help control socket rotation and can always be used as a secondary form of suspension.  If used with an Easy-Off Lock, it can hold vacuum in the socket if dual suspension is used, and will hold suction if used with either the Easy-Off or Air-Lock (in this case, it is recommended to add a valve to the socket as well).



Loctite Blue 242 must be used on lock pin threads after determining the appropriate lock pin spacing.




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