Great job Dr. Myers, Coyote Design, Rehab Systems, St. Luke's Rehabilitation, St. Luke's Clinic Physicians, St. Luke's Magic Valley Employees and 1st Federal Bank! The group climbed Mt. Borah, Idaho's highest peak at 12,662 feet. It was a fundraser to aquire a Neurocom Balance Master System for patients in Central Idaho. So far Dr Myers and his team have raised $100,000 If you would like to donate to this great cause please visit


O&P Edge Magazine did a nice article on pediatrics and quoted Matt Perkins CEO from Coyote Design and Rehab Systems and Brent Wright CP BOCO a certified prosthetist and orthotist that works closely with Coyote Design on testing its new products and teaching classes on prosthetic and orthotic design.

The article was written by Judith Philipps Otto



Bradley Davis CPA, CTP / Coyote Design's Central Fabrication Assistant Lab Manager is a right side congenital fibular hemimelia.

Brad made himself an extra tough riding leg using two layers of Coyote Composite with ER resin and  Coyote Design's patented StabileFlex™ socket design for added comfort with no PTB Bar. Because of the non-typical shape of his residual limb and also the inherent knee instability he utilizes a multi durometer soft insert liner that creates a supracondylar self-suspending socket.

He has been putting it to the test in Idaho's winter desert riding and loves the results.

Coyote Design recently donated connectors and modification tools to Brent Wright CP BOC/O and his effort to make prosthetics for the underprivileged in Guatemala. Linked is a great little video Brent produced about their work.

Brent Wright CP BOC/O a certified prosthetist and orthotist helps test Coyote Designs new products and teaches many of our classes.

Brent Lives in Raleigh, NC and works for East Point Prosthetics & Orthotics and has been helping in Guatemala for a number of years. Brent blogs at

Patient Care and Manufacturer Shorten Work Week


Rehab Systems, an orthotic and prosthetic patient care located in Boise and Twin Falls Idaho, and its sister company Coyote Design, located in Boise Idaho are changing their hours.


In an effort to provide longer hours for appointments, the patient cares will now be open until 5:30pm Monday through Thursday, and until 4pm on Fridays. To supplement for the longer work day each staff member will get every other Friday off resulting in 75 work hours instead of 80 over a two week period.


Coyote Design's manufacturing, and C-Fab will see a similar reduction in work hours as it switches to a four day work week.  But because of different customer care needs, will be closed on Fridays.


“While this is a hit in terms of workable hours, we feel that with extra time off for family, friends, hobbies, and enjoying the great area we live in our staff will more than make up for those hours in enthusiasm, engagement, and general happiness, all of which leads to better customer service and performance”, stated president and CEO Matt Perkins.


 “We feel this move will actually create more productivity, and long term success of both companies. I have already seen a higher level of teamwork and efforts toward efficiency with these moves.” Said Perkins


Both companies also offer a greater number of paid holidays than the standard company which really comes in handy during the holidays.


Rehab Systems will continue to provide on-call service, although we try and minimize the frequency someone is on-call to once per month.


The changes in hours will NOT affect employee pay. All staff member salaries are remaining the same or climbing as they have been. The companies’ profit sharing/bonus structure is based on company performance. It is our belief that this change will create more value for the company and the staff's bonuses because of, rather than in spite of the reduced hours.


Coyote Design is settling in to its new larger facility.

Posted on: July 6th, 2015 by Coyote Design


Everyone is enjoying the extra space and the bright

new work environment. There is still a little left to do

but it seems like the list is getting shorter.
















June 1


Coyote Design has a new facility!

We are up and running in our new home

and are very excited about the new space.


We are now at 419 N. Curtis Rd.

Boise, ID 83706




Idaho Business Review had a really nice article about Coyote Design and Rehab System and our move to a new larger location in Boise.

Posted on: May 4th, 2015 by Coyote Design


Copy this link in your browser to see the article.






Posted on: March 18th, 2015 by Coyote Design


Rehab Systems and Coyote Design owned by father and son amputees Matt and Dale Perkins, attended the tour of the Cuban orthotic and prosthetic industry in Havana, Cuba. They also brought Dales oldest son Mike, a recent US Army retiree, as a Spanish interpreter.

 Low-tech, high-function design is something Coyote Design and Rehab Systems have used in their products for many years. Their goal now is to consider ways to provide such products at a lower cost to patients here, and across the world.

“Visiting Cuba was a great opportunity to see how an area with much fewer funds than the U.S. functions. There is a lot of technology coming to our profession; however, there does not seem to be additional funding for the amputees themselves. If anything, payers are working hard to pay less, and in many cases amputees are ending up with coverage plans that include little to no prosthetic coverage. Finding ways to help those without funds obtain the highest tech and newest devices have long been an interest of ours, both as a patient care and a manufacturer.” said Dale regarding the recent visit.

 Matt said “Ideally all amputees everywhere should have access to the best possible options, however that is not realistic. Creating extremely high functioning prosthetics using less expensive and lower tech methods has been an interest to us, and we plan to work on more development in this area. Even in our country there are a lot of people lacking the funds for the newest and or best. We would like to develop methods that apply to folks with limited funds in this country and throughout the world.”CoyoteDesign DaleMattMikePerkins Jan2015 (7) CoyoteDesign CubanAKs Jan2015 (3) CoyoteDesign DalePerkins Jan2015 (5) CoyoteDesign Jan2015 (8) CoyoteDesign MattDaleMikePerkins Jan2015 (1) CoyoteDesign CubanCasts Jan2015 (4)


Image of Cuban prosthetics picture taken by owners of Coyote Design and Rehab Systems on a trip to Cuba
Image of Cuban prosthetic casts taken by owners of Coyote Design and Rehab Systems on a trip to Cuba
Dale Perkins founder of Coyote Design in Cuban prosthetic lab with Cuban prosthetists
Dale Perkins founder of Coyote Design in Cuban prosthetic lab with Cuban prosthetists
Dale Perkins and Matt Perkins owners of Coyote Design and Rehab Systems in Cuban prosthetic lab with Cuban prosthetists
 The new Coyote habitat is coming along. Check out our progress! Posted on: March 18th, 2015 by Coyote Design No Comments
Images of new Coyote Design and Rehab Systems facility

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