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"Alternatives to Carbon Fiber" originally sought after for more flexible and tougher laminations, it also became clear this was a material that reduces the skin irritation of carbon fiber and reduces the health risks associated with breathing carbon fiber dust. In this extensive course, we will cover the history of prosthetic and orthotic manufacturing, the materials used, the alternatives now available, and the how to of laminating AFOs, and more flexible and comfortable prosthetic sockets.

This workshop is “StabileFlex Transtibial Socket." This presentation contains a brief history of prosthetic suspension systems and prosthetic socket designs. The StabileFlex Socket design is an evolution of Coyote Designs original RCR Socket. The original design was based on our airtight pin suspension system. We will cover our fiberglass pressurized casting system, measurement technique, plaster modification, test socket and definitive socket fabrication. The socket design has been modified from the original version for use with a pin lock, suction, or vacuum suspension systems.

This workshop is "AFO Casting and Fabrication Methods." The course contains a brief history of ankle foot orthotic systems, and techniques for three AFO designs, the Boise Brace “Bi-valve AFO”, Articulated Composite AFO, and Dynamic Strut AFO. We will cover procedures for these devices using rigid fiberglass cast tape, cast modification, and fabrication.


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Save the Date for the 4th Annual


Jan 4 - 7, 2018


Special Guest Coaches: Lacey Heward, Muffy Davis and Coyote's CEO Matt Perkins.


Matt was part of the US Disabled Ski Team and  participated at the Nagano Paralympics


For more information contact: Mose@HigherGroundSV.org


Ski camp is in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Applicants Must:  Have an interest in pursuing Paralympic competitions in the next few years. Be between the ages of 7-18. Have a physical disability. Be an intermediate skier.


Scuba Diving with the Air-Lock

Amputee does over 300 saltwater dives with the Air-Lock. Find out how it holds up in diverse conditions.

Get 2.5 continuing education credits right now at NO CHARGE.

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Brian, CTP, CPA - "Excellent information in an easy to understand manner."

Hailey, CPO - "I have already begun discussions with our Tech to start incorporating some of  these products/principles."

Nicholas, CPO - "Although the topic of material science can be tough to understand, everything was presented in a very clear and easy to understand way.  Thank You!"

Lisa, CFom - "easy to follow, very informative, history to visuals excellent"

Robert, CPO - "This is one of the more informative online presentations that I have taken. Because of the way the content is presented I have encouraged the resident to take it so he will understand laminations better."


New StabileFlex Transtibial Socket Design Q School course is now available.




Watch this video of Nick Edinger "World's Strongest Adaptive Athlete 2016" and see how tough Coyote Composite is and what other properties this power lifter found useful about Coyote Composite and Coyote Designs StabileFlex Socket Design.


A few years ago we made the switch to using basalt braid

(Coyote Composite) rather than carbon fiber for our laminations.


We did this for a more flexible tougher lamination, but ended up with other benefits as well. Mainly a safer material that doesn’t itch the way carbon does, and it costs less.


It does laminate almost exactly the same, but there are some subtle differences in saturation. We have a lot of tips and tricks to help ensure you can laminate easily and effectively with Coyote Composite, and we can save you money.


We are offering a 15% discount on our Coyote Composite, and have also passed discounts to our distributors so you should be able to order at a discount from them  as well.


Now Is the time to provide a safer work environment and save money.




Real world solutions for amputees,

created by amputees.

We are innovators and creators of orthotic and prosthetic devices that are used by O&P practitioners all over the world.


Whether you need prosthetic locking devices or prosthetic and orthotic parts your support team at Coyote Design can help find the solution you’re looking for. We design and build adult and pediatric prosthetic components for above and below knee amputees. We also design and build components with upper extremity and orthotic patients in mind. Ask us how our parts, materials or fabrication can help your practitioners, technicians and amputees.


Contact Coyote Design today and let’s get started. Click on the contact us tab and fill out the form to send a message to representatives from Coyote Design or call today at 208-429-0026.

Watch our new TechTips this one  is about finishing the edge when using Coyote Composite.


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